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Our Services

Fire Extinguishing Systems

The main goal of setting up fire extinguishing systems is to reduce the great danger resulting from various fires…

Theft Alarm Systems

Burglar alarm systems are an essential part of your personal and organizational security strategy…

Alarm Systems

FireTech Provide Addressable & Conventional Alarm Systems

Security Gate Systems

FireTech Provide many electronic portals that specialize in discovering specific materials…

Audio & Calling Systems

we recognize the importance of sounds and acoustics in our daily lives and in business and educational environments…

Attendance Systems

Attendance and departure machine service is an essential part of human resources management and security in companies and institutions…

Surveillance Camera Systems

provides a set of advanced cameras and systems that contribute to protecting property and providing security for individuals and companies…

Central and Intercom Systems

We understand the importance of effective and secure communication within organizations and residential communities…

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Our Work Process

How we work from receiving the project until its implementation


Project Consultation

The work begins with a free consultation, through which we give a detailed situation report.


Project Planing

We take the detailed report data and start planning everything the facility needs to become as safe as it should be.


Project Execution

We start the process of supplying and installing and then training those responsible for security and occupational safety in the facility.